PRAZ is the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe. PRAZ is responsible for controlling and regulating the procurement processes of government departments, ministries and parastatals. In order to be able to participate in public tenders and to supply the government and any agencies or institutions that the government controls, you need to have registered with PRAZ for the category of goods/services under which that tender falls. Advantages of PRAZ Registration
  • Participate in government and public tenders
  • Capitalize on massive business from the government
  • Get a competitive edge in your industry by dealing with and supplying the government since government entities represent big business opportunities
  • Certificate of Incorporation if it’s a PBC
  • Certificate of Incorporation, CR6, CR5 and Articles and Memorandum of Association for a PLC.
  • Company Profile
  • Contact Details (E-Mail & Telephone)
  • A vendor number is a unique number issued to business entities that wish to supply the government and its related agencies. By acquiring a vendor number, your company becomes eligible to supply government entities and get access to massive business. Advantages of having a vendor number You will be able to supply the following;
  • Government Ministries
  • Government Departments
  • Government Boards
  • Government Parastatals
  • A certified copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • A certified copy of the company’s current Form CR6 (formerly CR 14) (All pages)
  • Certified copies of National Identity/Passports/Driver Licence for all the directors on the company’s current Form CR6.
  • An original or certified copy of bank statement for the company.
  • Proof of residence of two directors on C.R 6 in the form of water / electricity bill/Prepaid ZESA receipts in their names only.

    Did you know that you can change your company if you no longer desire to use it for any reason. A company or private business corporation that wishes to change its name should first obtain the written approval from the Registrar. This is in terms of section 26 of the Companies and Other Business Entities Act Chapter [24:31]. The process is a bit lengthy but with the right professionals handling it for you its very easy. the following are the steps for changing the company name in terms of the Act.

    Stages in change of company name

    1. Get written  approval from the registrar for the change of name
    2. The company  shall publish in the Gazette and in a daily newspaper circulating in the district in which the registered office of the company is situated an advertisement stating the change of name, and shall then apply for a certificate of change of name.
    3. The Registrar’s office  shall enter the new name in the register in place of the former name.
    4. Upon the application in writing of a registered business entity that has changed its name in terms of Section 26 of the Act and on production of the certificate of change of name, a Registrar of Deeds or mining commissioner, or other officer responsible for the registration of deeds or mining titles, shall make such alterations in his or her registers and on any title deeds and other documents evidencing title as may be necessary as a result of the changed name.

    The change of company name does not affect any right or obligation of the registered business entity, or render defective any legal proceedings by or against the entity, and any legal proceedings that might have been continued or commenced by or against it under its former name may be continued or commenced under its new name. You therefore  do not lose any rights or property, neither can you evade your creditors by changing the name of the company.