Sabarm Total Tax Package

Sabarm Total Tax Package


The Sabarm Total Tax Package (STTP)

The total Tax Package us a comprehensive tax support service which offers the client peace of mind in all tax matters. The service utilizes a retainer system and once the client subscribes under the package, Sabarm will take charge of all tax matters. Services included in the package include:

  • Renewal of tax clearance certificate (ITF 263)
  • PAYE Tax Computations
  • Filing PAYE returns and ITF 16 returns
  • Income Tax Computations
  • Filing QPDs (ITF12B Returns)
  • Filing Final Income tax Returns (ITF 12C Returns)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Computations
  • Filing VAT Returns
  • Claiming VAT Refunds
  • Tax Secretarial Services – Waiver of penalties and interests etc
  • Tax Planning services
  • ZIMRA Representation in case of tax disputes
  • NSSA Registration
  • NSSA Returns
  • NEC Returns


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