ZIMRA E-taxes platform

ZIMRA E-taxes platform

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has introduced the E-taxes platform for the convenience of taxpayers. This system is currently working parallel to the E-services platform. The system was introduced to mitigate against the compliance costs associated with submission of returns and as a mitigating measure against technical challenges being faced by taxpayers, especially with the E-Services online filing platform. The system is also convenient as it supports the submission of returns in ZWL and in USD.

The functions of the E-Taxes platform

  • Submission of tax returns
  • Viewing of tax submissions

The system is also being developed to be able to help the taxpayer view their compliance status and send the taxpayer their tax clearance certificate to their master data email. One may wonder who is eligible to register on the E-Taxes platform? Fortunately, Every taxpayer who is registered with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is eligible to register on the E-taxes platform and enjoy this convenient system. The registration on this process is much like that of the e-services platform with the exception that with the E-taxes system does not require secondary approval from ZIMRA since the taxpayer will already have been registered for tax.

What is required to register for E-taxes?

  • Taxpayer’s Registered¬† Business Partner Number (BP Number)
  • Taxpayer’s registered email (master data email)
  • Full Name of Public officer
  • Cell number

The E-taxes is currently working parallel to the E-services platform and offers the option to submit tax returns in multi currency. The incidence of failed returns using this system is minimal and with the system still undergoing continuous improvement, the submission of tax returns is bound to be even more convenient.



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