We offer the following Services

  • professional Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation & analysis of management
  • Professional Accounting systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Payroll Systems


Why do you need professional Accounting Services?

  • Detailed recording of business transactions
  • Compliance with the law is easier with organized accounting and proper record keeping
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Financial reports and performance measurement
  • Easier auditing
  • Payroll management


Financial performance tracking

To track the performance of your organization, you need a properly and detailed record of your transactions. A comprehensive accounting system allows a business owner to analyze spending and revenue one item at a time. The data can be grouped by the week, month, quarter or year to be analyzed and compared to past years. This is one way that business owners can discover ways to cut back on expenditures and improve profitability.


Planning and Budget Monitoring

Companies require an accurate report of past and current revenues and expenditure to aid in creating budgets and to help compare actual results with projections in the annual budget. An accounting system facilitates up-to-date company financial information that can be cross-checked with the budget to make sure that the company is not overspending.  This monitoring process is important in making sure that the company stays in track and to determine if there is need to implement corrective measures to address any deviation from the budget. A proper accounting system also identifies instances of under-spending so the company may find new uses for the extra money to help productivity.


Statutory compliance

The Zimbabwean laws stipulate that a business should keep records for at least 6 years. This is easier to comply with if you have an organized accounting and bookkeeping system. Moreover, compliance with the tax legislation is important if the business is to avoid brushes with the law and maintain a good corporate image. An accounting system makes it easier to report revenue for tax purposes at the end of the year. A comprehensive spending profile can also help the business find allowable tax deductions that will lower the organization’s tax burden. The country’s tax laws are constantly changing. Without a bookkeeping system, the organization would have no documentation to back up its deductions.


Payroll management

A proper accounting services include checking the accuracy of each payroll period to make sure that each employee receives the proper amount. This is an especially important function in organizations that pay bonuses, sales commissions and supplemental payment based on a percentage of revenue. Confirming payroll numbers keeps employees satisfied with their pay and prevents the company from over- or underpaying payroll taxes as well.


Financial reports and performance measurement

Financial statements provide a snapshot of a corporation’s financial health, giving insight into its performance, operations, and cash flow. Financial statements are essential since they provide information about a company’s revenue, expenses, profitability, and debt. With a professional accounting system, the organization is able to obtain financial reports to easily track the performance of the company.



Auditing provides credibility to a set of financial statements and gives the shareholders confidence that the accounts are true and fair. It can also help to improve a company’s internal controls and systems. Auditing involves retrospective checks on an organization’s finances and financial situation and therefore it is important to have a proper accounting system in place so that audits are easier.


Accounting packages/ Accounting systems

An accounting package or accounting system is a tool that helps accountants, bookkeepers, or business owners to manage and automate accounting transactions and accounts for a business.

Why you need our accounting package

Customer Orientation

  • Our accounting package is customer oriented as it can be fine-tuned to the specific industry and line of business of any client. We appreciate that businesses are diverse and there can differ in functions, structure and operations. It is for this reason that our accounting system is customer oriented capable of serving the diverse market.


Cloud based for easy access anywhere anytime

  • The package is web based and therefore allows remote access which is key especially in these times of covid 19. The accounting system is web based and therefore it means you can access your data whenever you want, and from whichever device you want. You can use online accounting software from your PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. All you need is a device that’s connected to the internet and a browser (or mobile app). For businesses of any size, this has a ton of upsides. For example, you can create and send invoices on the go directly from your mobile. Or you can generate, view, and download financial statements and reports with just a few clicks.


Continuous back-up and security of data

  • When a business is using desktop-based accounting software, accounting data has to continuously be backed up. After all, the data was stored on a hard drive. Unfortunately, hard drives are quite delicate. They can get destroyed, wiped, or simply get corrupted and become unusable. As a result, businesses had to dedicate quite a bit of time to integrating accounting and accounting data into their disaster recovery plans. This in turn meant higher costs, and more time wasted. With online accounting software, you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data – the system will do it for you.



  • Our package offers backup service as it is web-based, which keeps financial data safe and secure. With our accounting system all of your accounting data is safely secured on the cloud. This means that your data is covered under layers of high-end encryption algorithms, making it a lot safer than keeping it on the office shelf or in a hard disk. Moreover, all of your data is synced at all times. So not only is it more secure, but it’s also fresh. The package is simple and offers easy invoicing and collection tools


Easy generation of reports

  • It is easy to extract reports as reports are generated instantly and therefore information is always in real time. Accounting software provides you with a dedicated dashboard that allows you to track all the accounts and metrics that you want to keep track of. This means that there is no more delays waiting for something as simple as bank reconciliation. With our online accounting software you can do a bank reconciliation in just a few simple steps.


Quick and easy invoicing

  • Invoicing is a key element of business and therefore creating an invoice is one of those accounting tasks that every business has to do, regardless of its size or industry. With our accounting system you can make a professional business invoice using one of the premade templates in a matter of seconds. Once you have created your invoice, you can send it directly using the accounting software. All you have to do is insert your client’s email and click send. And if your customers or clients are delaying your invoice payments, you can send them a late payment reminder with just a couple of clicks.


Integration of data

  • It is one integrated database for all business processes, hence can access different department reports from a single server instantly. This reduces bottlenecks in accounting and decision making. Additionally, the online accounting software allows you to give different access levels to different users. This way you can tailor permissions based on the set of accounting or bookkeeping functions that a user needs to carry out.


Other benefits include

  • Easy tracking of expenses, sales and cost of sales on as day to day basis thereby allowing future decisions to be made earlier
  • Tracking of stock to ensure economically sound inventory levels at all times
  • Transparent accounting and business operations


Payroll Services

Payroll is a list of employees who get paid by the company. It also includes the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period or on a given date. Payroll management is a very important facet of human resources management and accounting for any successful business. Sabarm offers you a simple and yet efficient and effective Payroll system which calculates remuneration for each employee including the benefits and bonuses, while also taking into account statutory deductions such as NSSA, NEC, ZIMDEF, SDF and PAYE.

Why your business needs the payroll system

  • Keep your business compliant with tax laws and other statutory obligations
  • Easily generate HR reports for leave days, bonuses and pay slips
  • Cut down on costs by using a system that is easy and requires less manpower
  • Reduce errors caused by the human element