Private Business Corporation [PBC] & Private Limited Company [(Pvt) Ltd]?


  • Separate legal persona at law
  • Perpetual succession
  • Offers limited liability for its owners


Private Business Corporation [PBC]Private Limited Company [(Pvt) Ltd]
Mainly meant for SMEsMainly meant for medium to large companies
Can accommodate sole traders (one man business)Minimum of 2 members
Maximum of 20 directorsMaximum of 50 directors
Members are the same as shareholders or ownersMembers can be different from owners or shareholders
Companies cannot be shareholders or hold an interest in a PBC. Only individuals can be shareholdersBoth companies and individuals can be shareholders in a (Pvt) Ltd company
Comprised of membersComprised of directors and shareholders
Has an Incorporation statement and By lawsHas a Certificate of Incorporation, CR6, CR14, Articles of association and Memorandum of association
Does not require the lodging of annual returns with the registrarThe lodging of annual returns with the registrar is compulsory
Has members contributionsHas share capital
Has an accounting officerHas an auditor
Annual general meeting not requiredAnnual general meeting is required

Private Limited Company Registration Requirements

  1. Five proposed company names provided in order of preference
  2. Full names and IDs of the Directors (at least two directors)
  3. Residential Addresses of the Directors
  4. Company Address
  5. Main business objectives
  6. Shareholding Structure
  7. Email address (of any of the Directors)

Company Registration in Zimbabwe

Company Registration in Zimbabwe is one key step towards formalizing one’s business. Registering a company provides a firm springboard for growth through unlocking forwalized markets like tenders, attracting investment, synergies and collaborations among other things.


Sabarm Business Solutions offers competent, efficient and excellent Company Secretarial Services in Zimbabwe like, Company Formation, Registration on TaRMS with ZIMRA for TIN Number, NSSA Registration & Returns and many more statutory returns. To date we take pride in having registered over two thousand companies and inspired by the feedback we have been getting over the period of time we have been in business which has been fulfilling. Our turnaround time for company registration service has over the years maintained at an average of three (3) working days.


Company Registration/ Incorporation is one of foundations of a successful business and as such should be done with the highest degree of competency in accordance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the company is being incorporated. We are a company that one can entrust with their company secretarial work as our team is well knowledgeable and competent to advise correctly and execute the task within an impressive turnaround time.


There are two types of companies that one can register, which are a Private Limited and a Private Business Corporation (PBC). The Private Business Corporation was introduced to have all businesses at least formalised as it requires a leaner budget to register as compared to a Private Limited. A PBC can also be registered by a sole trader as it can be registered by a single member.


Other Company Secretarial Statutory Requirement Services

When a company is registered in Zimbabwe, the law requires that Annual Returns (AR) be filed with the office of the Registrar of Companies annually. Annual Returns are meant to furnish the Registrar with information regarding developments within the company. Annual Returns are a requirement most companies are found wanting because quite few are aware of this requirement, if your business hasn’t submitted these, you can get in touch with us.


Why a Business must be Formalised

Registering your business as either Private Limited or PBC have so many advantages that a listed below:

  • Formalised/ Registered Companies business stands a greater chance to get business orders from corporates or tenders from government owned enterprises
  • A Registered Company easily unlocks funding from banks and would be investors/ partners
  • Government laws favourably recognises Registered Companies than informal traders
  • Registered Companies are able to grow quicker than informal businesses



  • Company Registration
  • Name search
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Returns (AR)
  • Change of Directors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Allotment of shares
  • Transfer of shares


Sabarm Business Solutions will take you through all stages and spare you both direct and indirect costs that comes with non-compliance of formalised businesses and of running an informal business.