Get Import Licenses in Zimbabwe

Get Import Licenses in Zimbabwe

What is an Import license

An import license is a document issued by a national government authorizing the importation of certain goods into its territory. Import licenses are a statutory requirement in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe. However not all imports require an import licenses, for example goods classified as COVID 19  essential goods can be imported without an import license in terms of  Statutory Instrument number 90 of 2020.

Why do some goods require import licenses?

Imports are the main source of goods from outside the country and the reason why some goods require import licenses is to control the importation of goods. Such controls are done in the interest of the public and are meant to protect the consumer against things like dangerous and harmful drugs and substances and to protect the environment as well as to protect local businesses from foreign competition.

Requirements for an Import license

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • CR6 (Formerly CR14) showing company directors
  • Tax clearance certificate (ITF263)
  • Copy of standard development fund levy receipt
  • Proforma invoice for the imports

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