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The Tax and Revenue Management System (TaRMS)

The Tax and Revenue Management System (TaRMS) is a new system that has developed for implementation by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) for all tax administration and revenue management. The system is set to replace the current ZIMRA E-services and E-taxes platforms on the 12th of October 2023.

The ZIMRA e-services platform has for long been associated with inconvenience to taxpayers and has been affecting tax compliance. It is only recently that the system has been complemented by the ZIMRA e-taxes platform which supports the submission of returns in both ZWL and foreign currency. However the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority went further to develop a new system in a bid to further simplify and enhance tax compliance.

Using the new system (TaRMS) the taxpayers will be able to seamlessly and efficiently process, on any device, taxpayer registration or reregistration; filing and returns processing; payments; refunds among other processes. The system will also be integrated with enterprise Bus, ASYCUDA, SAP-FI, Registrar of Companies, Deeds & Intellectual Property, Civil Registry, and Banks.

The system has various advantages over the current system including but not limited to;

  • Elimination of overpayments since the system recognizes that payments are based on returns submitted
  • Elimination of tax payment mis-posting (payments made to wrong tax contract accounts)
  • Improved convenience in tax payment as a single payment can be made to cover various tax obligations for different tax heads
  • Easier tax submissions for improved convenience
  • Tax submission and payment reminders for outstanding tax returns and tax payments
  • Automatic taxpayer registration for all new entities
  • Taxpayer can update master data through the self service portal without need for additional human intervention.

As we brace the rollout of the new system it is important that all taxpayers update their master data particularly their bank details and master data emails as well as their public officers. Business partner numbers will be replaced by taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) and these shall be sent to all registered taxpayers through their respective master data emails.

It is important that all taxpayers update their master data before the 12th of October when TaRMS is scheduled for rollout. ZIMRA’s current position is that the current e-services and e-taxes platforms will be discontinued on the 12th of October when the new system takes over. More information on TaRMS shall be released through ZIMRA public notices

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. For professional tax consultancy including tax planning, tax computations, tax returns as well as tax secretarial services including tax master data update please do not hesitate to contact sabarm Business Solutions